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About food packaging

     Food packaging is the variety of food produced in the reach between consumer handling, transportation, storage, supply or sale of the entire distribution process , the protection of food quality and value in use, the use of appropriate materials, containers , for technical measures undertaken by the product .

   Requirements of food packaging technology
   In the process of production , storage and transportation and sale of goods , and meet the following requirements:
1, the strength requirements : the food packaging to protect their goods in storage, stacking , transportation, handling process can resist various external destructive .
2, the barrier requirements: achieved by preventing the packaging material to prevent food flavor and quality changes .
3 , respiratory requirements: There are a lot of foods with life must be kept breathing state.
4 , nutritional requirements: food packaging should be more conducive to the preservation of nutrients.
5 , the temperature requirements : In order to avoid leaving the temperature rise within the packaged food spoilage.
6 , dark requirements.
7 , promotional requirements.
8 , convenience requirements.
       Food packaging materials include many kinds, such as wood, paper , plastics, ceramics , etc. , where paper , plastic, metal and glass for the four pillars of food packaging materials.
     Cans of food packaging materials
a. tin plate ( tinplate , tin ) , tin layer is less than 0.5mm, canned food tin content shall not exceed 250ppm.
b. Wuxi tin , tin-free , can handle temperatures above 232 ℃ short baking.
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