Advantages EOE equipment exposition

 (1) High automation: EOE speed production equipment are typical of mechatronic products, high degree of automation, on-line automatic detection technology and automatic control technology too demanding.

(2) High precision: EOE mainly used in food packaging, related to the health of consumers, security requirements, equipment for precision, smoothness, tightness made high demands.

(3) High speed: cans are a lot of everyday use, low-margin single, easy-open lid producers need to get the normal production and profits through economies of scale, so in order to obtain high profits normally required equipment productivity, equipment operation fast.

(4) testing requirements High: Because EOE equipment quickly, the product can not artificial full inspection of their accuracy and stability of the machine equipment and incidental detection equipment put forward higher requirements.

(5) high utilization: EOE belong to a large number of products, the use of high efficiency requirements of raw materials, slightly reducing the consumption of a single piece of material can affect manufacturers accumulated more profits, so the device performance has been easy to pull cover lightweight, minimization development.

(6) high processing difficulty: EOE speed production equipment generally requires continuous operation for a long time or even 24-hour operation, the standby time is short, high intensity of use of equipment parts and Peter's life has high demands.

Dongguan City is Connaught Packaging Co., Ltd. is a specialized production of iron and aluminum easy-open lid of the enterprise. The company has three major product series: beverage EOE, aluminum and tinplate EOE EOE safe side, but for a variety of cans, aluminum cans, composite cans and PET cans. EOE products using health and safety, non-toxic and tasteless products, with beautiful fine quality materials; design structural precision, good sealing performance, nothing more than diarrhea, not into the air, to ensure product quality long-lasting, and sincerely hope that new and old customers to establish long-term friendly partnership, co-create a prosperous future.

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