Analysis of Chinese pop-top cap industry barriers

The main barriers to entry into the market
(1) the technical barriers
Pop-top high-speed production of complete sets of equipment belonging to the customization of large and medium-sized equipment, including punching system, precision mold system, online detection system, mechanical transmission and pipeline transportation system, automatic control system, is a complex system, its design is a wide range of professional, high technical requirements, large amount of technical work. Comprehensive use of it relates to machinery, automatic control, photoelectric detection and other fields of technology, the whole system and its components of accuracy, reliability and service life of high demand, even the existing electromechanical technology applied to the limit state. As a complex system, manufacturers can achieve some of them even production conditions, but if the other side does not keep up with, is still difficult to production. System integration ability is very important in the production process of high speed production equipment in the pop-top cap. And the ability of system integration is not only a comprehensive grasp of the automatic control, mechanical, photoelectric detection and other fields of technology, but also needs to have the industry practice and comprehensive accumulated rich professional experience, customer needs timely input as well as to the overall product design of active control ability, simple imitation will not have the chance to live. Even in the global scope, with the above conditions of professional talent team is very limited. Therefore, the Ordinary Company to enter the high-speed cap making equipment industry, from a technical and professional skills of speaking there is a big obstacle.
In addition, easy development lid cap devices technology is the main direction of lightweight, high speed and high efficiency, the progress of technology brings to the downstream customer's benefit is very huge, so some can not keep up the pace of technological progress of enterprises will be eliminated quickly, sustainable technology innovation constitute the industry into the technical barriers.
(2) recognition of the customers
Due to economies of scale characteristic cap industry obviously, the new production line generally larger capacity, correspondence is the large scale of investment, and the design, manufacture and debug build production line system has a very strong technical nature, customers need to equipment suppliers to provide customer service service in the equipment life cycle for more than ten years in the purchase of equipment, therefore research and technical strength and integrated service cap devices' market position, economic strength, will become an important consideration for customer selection. For new entrants to the enterprise even have a certain technology, but the lack of overall strength and expand the customer's identity will hinder its business.
(3) requirements within the scope of the international marketing ability
Pop-top high-speed production equipment demand depends on the downstream cans production industry, although the cans are widely used all over the world, annual consumption of more than 400000000000 tanks, but now the production capacity of single pop-top cap devices in high speed. Therefore, in order to achieve a certain scale and benefit, to cover equipment manufacturers need to product marketing in more than one country or region, but is not limited to a single region, which put forward a higher request to the international marketing ability.

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