Canned food quality identification EOE

How to identify the quality of the lid of canned food? Here the professional production of beverage closure, the lid of iron and aluminum companies - Dongguan Real Connaught Packing Co. to serve you a brief introduction about it. Hoping to help you.

Choose canned summed up in the "look", "count", "test" in the name.

  "Look," is to look at the shape and contents of the sign. Tin cans surface clean and free of rust spots, the bottom and the lid is slightly recessed, bottom weld bead and without injury, the door is not closed tightly distortion generally is a good canned; bonnet slightly recessed glass jars, the contents are not cloudy, no precipitation, no color, block-shaped complete, clear soup more qualified products.

  "Count" is calculate shelf life, the make projections about the site. In order to ensure the cans under normal transport and storage conditions are not fat listen, do not leak, keeping the original quality of human food harmless, the state provides all kinds of canned food shelf life, generally speaking: 8 months have fresh orange juice Gan , bayberry syrup, fresh grapefruit juice, steamed shrimp, peanuts and so on; a year have tomato sauce, lychee syrup, sugar plums, fresh pineapple juice, grapefruit juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, pickles, eggplant sauce, sugar carambola; a year and a half have luncheon meat, ham luncheon meat, sugar hawthorn and so on; there are two years of sugar orange, green saury, mushrooms, pineapple syrup, canned pear, peach syrup, sugar apricots, sugar apple, cherry syrup, grape syrup, sugar crabapple, hawthorn sauce, eel oil, oil pomfret, herring oil, oil Bayu, juice pork, stewed pork, red chicken, braised duck, steamed pork, steamed beef, steamed mutton, corned beef, corned mutton and so on. First, calculate the shelf life from date of manufacture is calculated trademark printed on paper; the second is marked out from the canned hard code designator.

  "Test" is the test about whether canned food spoilage. When the pressure is greater than the air pressure inside the can, the bottom of the cans had exploded two projections, a phenomenon called fat listen, can beat, push, punch approach to testing. Bacterial and chemical fat listen, there is a sense of emptiness beat when pressed easily depressed, sometimes pressing down will swell up, ran out of gas after perforation.

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