Canned peanut soup can be canned

 Peanut is known as "plant meat", "changshengguo", also known as peanuts; The taste is sweet and refreshing, old and small are appropriate, have medicinal value and the function of health care: (1) nourishing moisten lung, it is helpful to prolong life. (2) as a traditional Chinese medicine, it is suitable for the symptoms of spleen and stomach disorders and malnutrition. Peanut has the very high nutritional value, contains rich protein and fat, the mineral content is quite rich, especially rich in the human body essential amino acids composition, can promote brain development, enhance the effectiveness of memory, and activate the elderly brain cells effectively, has the effect of anti-aging, delay the aging process. And the effective function that is aimed at the child is its calcium content is rich, benefit the bone development of children, promote growth. , however, the use and efficacy of peanut is a very comprehensive, can be eaten raw, Fried food, cooking and cooking soup, is the local famous "peanuts" soup, is easy to carry, now there are easy pull cover canned peanut soup products; Select high-quality peanut kernel, then through special process, tang has milk-white, peanut crisp lousy unbreakable, melt in your mouth, is a rich nutritional content of sweet Shang Jia points, was deeply loved by people.

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