Can patients with liver disease and gout drink a lager beer

 Liver disease should not be drinking beer, basic reason like other can't drink wine, mainly because of beer contains alcohol, alcohol after gastrointestinal absorption into the body, need to the liver and other tissues and organs of metabolism to break them down. If liver function is abnormal, the detoxification ability is weak, can't play the detoxification effect in time, easy to have alcohol intoxication. Alcohol can also directly injure liver cells, make liver disease symptom aggravate. Drinking beer is uric acid catabolism of purine compounds in the body after the final product, increased uric acid can cause high uric acid hematic disease, gouty arthritis, uric acid kidney stones, renal impairment, etc. Beer contains a lot of purine, nucleic acid, the person of gout drinking beer, can make the uric acid increase in blood, cause gout. So patients with liver disease and gout are not allowed to drink beer.

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