Cans on the chassis and lid holder head

      When the cans and lids after binding and fixed between the indenter and the tray, began a double seaming. There are many types seaming machine, the drive is concerned, there is pressure on the head of the drive, but also on the head with the carrier chassis synchronous rotation. There are also some seaming machine chassis under spring pressure in the volume of letters when stationary tank, seaming by wheel movement to achieve, but no matter what the seaming machine, in the regulation of child care chassis has two parameters must be noted that the care and the distance between the head and the holder of the chassis.

      Under proper care chassis spring pressure must be considered cans and cans of materials. Traditionally, can diameter 73mm or less in beverage cans spring pressure in 45 ~ 65kg, steel food cans at 75 ~ 95kg, Angelus of care chassis spring shape becomes 0.55mm, while Continental Can Company seaming machine into a springform 0.76 ~ 0.89mm. But with the lid, changing the material of the container body, the new seaming machines continue to come out, the spring pressure and deformation must comply with recommended values ??seaming machine manufacturing company.

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