China's e-lager beer is dominated by state-owned enterprises

 China's beer market appears to be the same as the beer market in other parts of the world, with several large beer companies occupying a range of regional markets. But please see the table below, you will notice the Chinese beer market and in other parts of the world market has a significant difference between the two: occupy the giant of beer market main body, YanJingHe China resources snow beer (Qingdao) is a state-owned enterprise. This is surprising. Because the beer industry is not a hot government control industry. In fact, the Chinese government doesn't seem to care much about which company wins the beer market. While it looks like the Chinese government is only concerned about individual brands in the beer industry, the industry is dominated by state-owned enterprises. Although these companies are state-owned, they are essentially fully commercialized and the government does not offer any active support. This situation is due to some important lessons of international capitalism and state capitalism.

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