EOE-automatic capping machine

      Automatic punching machine is fully automatic cover lid stamping machinery supplier efficiency. It has a single punch, two punch, more punch and punch several NC Department of single and double punch punch relatively widespread use of domestic-automatic capping machine. Automatic system covered mainly by stamping, automatic access to materials, power train, consisting of automatic control and safety devices and domes machine parts, each part in turn consists of several components. The following real promise by City Packing Co., Ltd. - specializing in the production of various beverages EOE, aluminum and tinplate EOE EOE enterprises to briefly explain the role of the more common use of single-head automatic punch and double punch.

      1, the first single punch single head single-punch. Configuring a die, can be a complete blanking, drawing, molding processes. Production of different sizes, when the shape of the metal lid to be replaced corresponding die, punch pressures have different specifications. Punch scrap materials on such rule out the parts manual and automatic.

     2, double-headed single-station automatic punch presses automatically. The machine also configure two identical dies, shears waveform using the waveform materials provided (you can also make for ordinary strip), can be a complete blanking, drawing, molding processes. Each punch can be done two metal lid punching simultaneously. When changing the size and shape of the metal lid, while the need to replace two die, compared with the single-head punch, high production efficiency, different specifications less metal cover production. Such devices are equipped with automatic waste materials and automatic exclusion mechanism.

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