EOE Canned tomatoes preservatives do

     Dongguan City is the promise of the lid is a professional for you to create the most secure the lid packaging businesses, production and development as one. The main products include three series: beverage EOE, aluminum safety edges of the lid and the lid tinplate. It applies to all kinds of cans, aluminum cans, composite cans and PET cans. The following simple packing by a solid promise to introduce you to easy open canned tomatoes if they contain preservatives.

 Now the tomato taste is very light, I find canned tomatoes taste quite strong, so the old buy cooking. However, listening to people say that canned food preservatives, harmful to human health, is that true?

 Many people think that a year or so to put canned not bad, because there added a preservative, in fact, this is completely wrong. Canned been able to long-term preservation without deterioration, entirely due to a sealed container and rigorous sterilization, there is no relationship with the preservative. Canned is not mysterious, canning principle is very simple: first the raw material is heated sufficiently to kill all microorganisms; while the cans full heat sterilization; then loaded into a sterile aseptic food containers, hot seal; and finally sterilized by heating, cooling, air inside the container headspace volume contraction, will produce negative pressure, would seal the bottle is more open, and outside of the bacteria can not go. After these steps, the food naturally not corrupt, nor does it require any preservatives.

In fact, many people have home-made tomato sauce, canned diced tomatoes experience this and we do tomato canning industry is the same. However, and home canning is different, high-quality canned tomato producers, most of them have their own raw material supply base. Therefore, to guarantee access to the freshest raw tomatoes in tomato ripe season. Meanwhile, home-made tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, heating time and process conditions can not be controlled to the optimum, and reputable big companies whose large-scale production, can better grasp the quality and food safety of canned tomatoes.

 In addition to more secure, Canned tomatoes even more "fresh" than fresh tomatoes. While it is easy to get around shipped "fresh tomato", but they just look fresh, nutrient loss, but constantly. Because any fruits and vegetables after harvest have continued to "breathe", some nutrients will continue to decrease. The Canned tomatoes are picked up from raw materials to the finished whole process is not more than six hours, high temperature heat treatment can stop or slow down the chemical reactions nutrient losses and maintain food freshness and nutrition. So, instead of long-distance transport or greenhouse cultivation of "fresh" tomatoes, canned tomatoes fresher.


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