EOE automatic dispensing machine

         Most plastic injection machine (with Grace dispensing machine, for example) for water-based and solvent-based sealant dispensing, to inject plastic lid with a diameter of 50 ~ 127mm, the speed of single-aisle 100-500 cover Cover / min. Plastic injection machine for reciprocating with single and dual channel dispensing, dispensing process involves moving from a heap cover lid is then injected into the rotary chuck glue set to strike a proper distribution, usually by the red lid Cover with a punch to the pile cap is transmitted through the transmission.

         In every machine cycle, each of the cover is separated from the feed at the bottom of the stacker by feeding the rod cutter blade. Feed lever lid transported to rotate the chuck, chuck and chuck lift cam will have to rise to the position of dispensing. The lid is pressed on the head, and then mechanically or electronically controlled injection inject glue gun sealing plastic lids, plastic injection has been completed, the chuck will send back the lid plastic injection machine machine plane, feed lever to the transmission cover conveyor belt.

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