EOE canned food enzymes heat resistance

      Canned food is generally considered the sterilization process, the enzyme is easily inactivated, but the use of high temperature short time sterilization, in particular the high temperature short time (125 ~ 150 ) sterilized, canned food because of enzyme activity during storage causing often metamorphism.

       The temperature coefficient of the enzyme is generally 1.4 to 2.0, the temperature for each additional 10 , the enzymatic reaction rate increased from 1.4 to 2.0 times, but when the temperature reaches a certain value, the higher the temperature, the rate of increase response rates declines and even complete loss of activity This is due to the heating destroys the structure of the enzyme activity. In general, the temperature was raised to 80 , the heat treatment time just a few minutes, almost where the enzyme would have been irreversible damage.

       Practical experience shows that under acidic or highly acidic foods relatively low degree of sterilization cases, certain enzymes can re-activate after sterilization, leading to food spoilage, when the enzyme is greater than the heat resistance of microorganisms.

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