EOE canned food nutrition very strong

From today's material deprivation, all kinds of canned been occupy a certain position in life. Convenience food, conducive to the preservation, etc., has been the main reason for canned food sought after by. In the food experts, canned food nutrition is not a misunderstanding. Indeed meat, canned seafood category nutritional good. Although fruits and vegetables lost some vitamin C, but the overall evaluation is worthy of praise.

Dalian Polytechnic University, Professor of Food Science Zhuangjie Shao Shao, canned food has two benefits, one sterile well, and second, no preservatives. When canned food production and processing, must undergo autoclaving procedure, fruits and vegetables need 80 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius sterilization; meat, seafood class to reach 121 degrees Celsius. "Objectively speaking, the autoclaving process, indeed some loss of vitamin C, but also has its own vegetable frying loss, compared to canned food could be more secure." For meat and seafood category, the high temperature and high pressure sterilization, and then vacuum-sealed packaging, can cut off oxygen, so which is rich in protein less susceptible to oxidation. Therefore we can say, not only to ensure the preservation of nutritious and taste.

Shao Chong said that the current market is relatively common are flexible and rigid packaging in two cans, tin and glass bottles are of rigid packaging category. With the progress of packaging technology, vacuum sealed, loss of nutrients less and less canned food, taste more and more close to real. Furthermore, the state has a clear industry standards: non-canned products use preservatives. For manufacturers, the high temperature and high pressure, vacuum sealed packaging processes can ensure the quality of canned, nature will not increase the cost to add a preservative. "Therefore we can say, canned fruits and vegetables, although nutritious loss, but after all, only at the expense of some vitamins, a comprehensive evaluation, it is quite worthy of recommendation."

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