EOE canned food sealing process

      Dongguan City is Connaught Packing Co., Ltd. mainly produce beverage EOE, aluminum easy-open lid, tinplate EOE and other products, the following package from Dongguan solid promise to brief the lid sealing process of canned food

Canned container sealed, canned food security is to ensure that one of the two pillars (the other being sterilized), so in canning, the seal is a very important step.

Metal cans are sealed by double seamed construction to be completed, and called seamer crimping dies (pressure head and rollers, etc.) size, accuracy, finish high, so as to make double seamed compact, smooth surface, rust.

Glass jars are sealed by the inner surface of the bottle and cap gasket (rubber gaskets and plastic sol) to complete. The most commonly used form of caps Twist-off Cap (four or six claws), forced open the lid and twist cap casing pressure (PT cover) and the like.

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