EOE canned poultry nutritious value?

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The following real promise packaging from Dongguan to brief EOE nutritional value of canned poultry:

Poultry meat is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, salt and vitamins. Typically contains 20 percent protein, can supply the body can not be synthesized and must be obtained from food, essential amino acids. Poultry fat low melting point (33 ~ 44 ), easy to digest, linoleic acid containing 20% ??of said total fat, is one of the body's essential fatty acids. All kinds of different poultry fat content, wherein the fat content of about 2% muscle, duck, goose fat content were higher, about 7% and 11%. Various poultry liver is also rich in vitamin A and riboflavin. Liver vitamin A content equivalent to 1-6 times the goat or pig liver. Poultry also contains vitamin E, due to vitamin E has antioxidant effects, it is generally poultry fat frozen at -18 for 1 year spoilage does not occur.

Nutrients contained in poultry and large livestock meat nutrients very similar, is an important source of high quality protein in the human diet.

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