EOE canned tuna process requirements

     Dongguan City is the promise of the lid is a professional for you to create the most secure the lid packaging businesses, production and development as one. The main products include three series: beverage EOE, aluminum safety edges of the lid and the lid tinplate. It applies to all kinds of cans, aluminum cans, composite cans and PET cans. The following simple packing by a solid promise to introduce you to the lid - canned tuna which process requirements.

      Acceptance of raw materials: the quality of health shall comply with the relevant provisions of "GB2733-94 marine fish health standards." The following shall not use two fresh fish deterioration.

     Materials handling: fish and rinse with water. Frozen to fresh and frozen flow of water to fresh and frozen completely, the same quality prevail.

    Cooking: cooking time should be determined according to the size of the raw fish, and strictly controlled.

    Finishing: cold fish should be fully transparent after cooking, so well organized firm, and then sort, in order to avoid fragmentation.

    Canning: The accord "GB10785-89 standard open-top metal round tin series," the provisions of the anti-860 dual sulfate whole paint tin cans.

    Vacuum sealing: Sealing canned after application washing detergent and water, wash attached to the outside of the tank fish residues and traces of oil, then in a retort basket (cage) and sterilized.

    Sterilization: After canning sealing, sterilization should as soon as possible. In the sterilization process, should strictly follow the rules, so as not to cause defective or waste, sterilization procedures for: 15'-65'- backpressure Cooling / 121 .


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