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EOE cans equally delicious

     Dongguan City is Connaught Packaging Ltd. mainly produces beverages EOE, aluminum easy-open lid, tinplate EOE other products from Dongguan real promise package below to briefly explain why EOE cans are also delicious reason

     Canned food has been very popular in foreign countries. In 2009 alone, Americans ate canned worth $ 25.4 billion.

     In the US, every household kitchen, the basement will reserve some canned food, they believe that it is necessary for disaster prevention and emergency reserves. Moreover, it is "lazy" Americans, is to cook delicious canned good helper. For example, canned fish can be easily done burgers, sandwiches, salads; Canned tomatoes used to make a variety of flavors of tomato soup, stews, pizza; canned fruit dessert can do pies, desserts; and convenient canned vegetables more provinces went to the trouble of cleaning peeled for grilled, steamed, salads are good.

     Old standby point canned fish. Fish nutritious, but doing trouble, but also because there are thorns, the elderly eat inconvenient. Canned fish can be a good solution to this trouble. Because canned fish bones have been very Sulan, and the dissolution of calcium a lot easier for the elderly to eat.

     Workers for canned vegetables. Office workers fast pace of life, there is no time to eat enough vegetables. Canned vegetables easy to eat, with ham, eggs, meat, can make a nutritionally balanced meal, such as corn green beans with ham fried rice, corn soup, water chestnuts and other balls.

     Children can eat canned fruit. Research shows that canned fruit with fresh fruit nutrition or less, but because of the high sugar content, not suitable for the elderly, but it is very suitable for children. As a relatively soft canned fruit, not too good for digestion children. Secondly, many have been very sour fruit, such as peaches, after processed into canned sweet and delicious. In fact, we eat canned fruit fruit yogurt is used, so it does not change the taste, non-perishable. Canned fruit can not be eaten directly, but also easy to make delicious: peach yogurt, sugar white fungus soup Sydney, Hawthorn syrup mixed with cabbage and so on.

      Housewives pick point of novelty cans. Housewives can buy some raw materials "rare" novelty cans, as long as the simplest way to be able to make "innovative dishes" such as white asparagus, chickpeas, olive and so on.

     Dongguan real promise the company continued with the times, strengthen enterprise management, improve sales service system, and improve product quality, product variety and more diverse, and lay a solid foundation for the company to achieve sustainable development in order to achieve industry leadership. Welcome to the company Micro Signal: Sunocanlid


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