EOE cans of canned open approach

 Many people love to eat canned food, but some cans of canned completely sealed, very strenuous when opened, will handle accidentally cut. So if you do not have a dedicated home opener, then you can use a fruit knife, screwdriver, pliers and other common tools at home, you can easily open the cans. When opening a can directly pull the lid as little as possible by hand, you can wear gloves, this would both increase the friction, but also to prevent cuts hands.

Canned cans with pull ring, it is easy to pull the ring snapping. Canning lids around the edge dents, texture is relatively weak. Prior to pull the pull ring, first with a fruit knife or screwdriver to tie a hole in the pull-ring opening dents, and then slowly pull the pull ring, you can complete the canning lids open.

If the cans of canned completely sealed, there is no built-opener, you can cover with a kitchen knife in the middle position and crossed knife, knife blade will then open the top cover toward the four directions can be. This approach has some risk, do not let children touch or family hands. You can also open the fruit with a slotted screwdriver or knife dent cans at a small mouth, and then in one hand and hold the cans in one hand with pliers opening the lid, the volume down a little bit on it.

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