EOE cans of performance and features

          Compared with other containers, metal cans with outstanding features, so increasingly popular, and rapid development. Here by specializing in the production of various beverages EOE, aluminum and tinplate EOE EOE manufacturers - packaging plant in Dongguan real promise to provide you with a brief introduction to metal cans What advantages.

(1) has excellent barrier properties. Metal can not only barrier gas (including oxygen, Carbon trioxide, water vapor, etc.), can also blocking light, especially ultraviolet light barrier.

(2) have excellent mechanical strength. This feature makes use of metal cans for easy transport and storage of goods, so that the range of the kinds of goods sold has increased considerably.

(3) have a good adaptability to processing. Modern manufacturing metal cans have a very high productivity.

(4) to facilitate good. Metal cans unbreakable, easy to carry. Now a lot of drinks and food cans with easy open combination adds to the ease of use.

(5) was beautiful and good. Metal cans generally have a beautiful metallic luster, which together with colorful graphics printing, adding to the aesthetics of the product, packaging and high-grade.

(6) Disposal good. Metal cans can be recycled regeneration, recycling is the best green packaging.

(7) better hygiene. The use of an appropriate coating, so that in terms of health but also to achieve food hygiene requirements.

There are two disadvantages of metal EOE: a poor chemical stability, 2 poor economy.


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