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EOE cans screwdriver

 Can opener is used to open various cans.

The late 1950s, the emergence of ultra-thin aluminum cans so that people without the aid of special tools to be able to open cans up. This canning lid on even a small round pull-tab, easy to open, but subsequently also produced a lot of garbage. Ten years, this tab discarded everywhere, until the law after the pull-tab cans and lids must keep one, before they get to curb this phenomenon.

The recent 70 years, although there is still much room for improvement, but the driver did not happen too many design changes. Ordinary screwdriver manually operated lid will often fall into the tank, leaving the trouble to remove a sharp metal wafer. There is a less fashionable design has switched round knife from under the lid open cans along to solve this problem. Indeed lid removed, but the jar mouth but left sharp edges.

Open jar of old screwdriver with a blade, I still have not been completely eliminated. Today, campers who use the name "John Wayne," the opener, is the Swiss Army knife and other portable accessory features knife. Some electric screwdriver magnet design can suck the lid, with many accessories on the other screwdriver can be used to open bottles, jars or plastic bags, or used to make more sharp knife, or whatever purpose.

Perhaps the next few decades, along with information technology, genetic engineering, the rapid development of subatomic physics, the screwdriver will increasingly sophisticated, but perhaps with food packaging improvements, people no longer in need of it.

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