EOE cans species characteristics

 In taste, canned food is no longer a simple alternative when food supply, public enterprises and strive to provide consumers "can not make at home taste", so canned foods into meals, including vegetables, fruits, meat , spices and so on.

On the variety, canned Chinese enterprises are welcome to focus on the development of Chinese traditional flavor flavor of canned food and local specialties such as curry chicken, take the oil hoof, Pork, mushroom pate, lotus root soup; development for the elderly, adolescents, children special canned food as well as all kinds of canned food health functions; development of the whole Japanese, nutrition, disaster relief class, tourist class and pet classes and other special varieties.

On the packaging, the previous all-tin, glass jars, being more convenient and practical cans, aluminum cans and red two-piece shallow microwaveable plastic sheet punching replaced by canned.

In order to improve hygiene standards, some companies have realized the train and process automation, the introduction of advanced sealing equipment, chopping meat equipment and sterilization equipment, establishment of a modern closed cryogenic plant. Some specialized raw material base, such as high-quality tomatoes, oranges, green beans, also are nurturing the base.

Dongguan City is Connaught Packaging Ltd. mainly produces beverages EOE, Aluminum EOE, tinplate EOE other products, EOE products using health and safety, non-toxic and tasteless high-quality materials, while using U.S. MINSTER punch speed production line, Japan AADA punch high-speed production lines and supporting advanced inspection equipment EOE perfect, so beautiful and refined product modeling; design structural precision, good sealing performance, nothing more than diarrhea, not into the air, to ensure product quality and lasting. Welcome to the new and old customers to inquire more product information, Tel: 0769-28686423 / 13922959630


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