EOE cans vacuum detection method
     Detection EOE cans vacuum and what does? The following beverages covered by professional production, iron and aluminum EOE businesses - Packaging Ltd., Dongguan City real promise to serve you a brief introduction about it. Hoping to be helpful to you.
a. Destructive Testing: Determination of the degree of vacuum cans with a special vacuum table (general inspection department used).
b. Non-destructive testing: 1, "playing inspection" - with a special small stick percussion cans back, according to hair when clubbed view clear, muddy sound to determine the size of canned vacuum. 2, canned vacuum of automatic detection justice - is a photoelectric detector technology, the use of a concave mirror to focus the light spot produced, brightness and concave curvature is related to low vacuum, the radius of curvature of the concave surface is large (requires lid surface smooth surface). 3, Toptone truth degree detector - is the use of acoustics to check the degree of vacuum sealed in individual cans or cartons in the canned and packaged foods.
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