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EOE carbonated drinks

      Carbonated beverages loved by everyone, especially the "young family" and many children's favorite, but everyone for understanding how much carbonated beverages have it? The following beverages covered by professional production, iron and aluminum EOE businesses - Packaging Ltd., Dongguan City real promise to serve you a brief introduction about it. Hoping to be helpful to you.

     Carbonated drinks (soft drinks) products means that under certain conditions filled with carbon dioxide gas in the beverage. Carbonated beverages, main ingredients include: carbonated water, citric acid, sour agents acidic substances, sugar, spices, colors, flavors and sweeteners, and some contain caffeine, artificial colors and so on. In addition to carbohydrates give the body to replenish energy, the inflatable "carbonated beverages" in almost no nutrients, but also contain minerals. Type can be divided into fruit juice, fruit type, cola, low-calorie type, other types such as common as: Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Hedy, Mirinda and so on. Which means juice carbonated beverages containing more than 2.5 percent and natural juices; fruit-based carbonated beverages mainly refers to the spice scenting agents, juice content of less than 2.5%; mean cola carbonated beverages containing cola nut, lime, bay other carbonated beverages;, caramel: milk protein carbonated drinks, ice cream and soft drinks. Disposable excessive drinking harmful.

      Actually there are many carbonated drinks benefits, as long as no disposable drinking 5 liters or more, does not actually have an impact on the health beneficial gastrointestinal function. Research also shows that carbonated drinks can prevent dementia. 


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