EOE chemical and bacterial causes of expansion tank

 Chemical expansion tank of reasons:

Features: bottom outer serious, pH of the contents, form no change, for commercial sterility; however, metallic taste, a higher content of tin, iron or aluminum, the tank can be detected in a large number of hydrogen; tends to occur in less corrosive strong acidic food, beverage cans.

1. Can the materials used improperly.

2, the tank containing the corrosion factor.

3, weld and make the coating film performance difference or severe scratches.

4, high storage temperature will accelerate corrosion.

Bacterial expansion tank causes:

1, inadequate sterilization strength characteristics: canned good seal, the tank is usually only one without cocci such as Bacillus bacteria, the contents of deterioration, morphological changes, pH decline.

sterilization serious bacterial contamination before the contents can not achieve commercial sterility requirements.

uneven heat sterilization, sterilization pot exhaust inadequate cold spot, so that local inadequate sterilization.

instrument malfunction

2, sterilization after contamination Features: Canned leaks, the tank has bacilli, cocci bacteria or fungi, etc., the contents of deterioration, morphological changes, pH decline.

Weld serious flaws: Weld because of insufficient strength, sterilization weld leak into the cooling water.

seaming structure: iterative rate, tightness inadequate and unstable curling thickness.

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