EOE exhaust canned food purposes

      Dongguan is a professional real promise EOE for you to create the safest EOE packaging businesses, production and research and development as a whole. The main products include three series: beverage EOE, aluminum and tinplate EOE EOE safe side. Applies to all kinds of cans, aluminum cans, composite cans and PET cans. The following simple packing by a solid promise to introduce you EOE exhaust canned food purposes.

     1, to prevent the growth of aerobic bacteria and fungal growth except for a few aerobic bacteria, in general, obligate aerobic bacteria, Bacillus spores, and fungi need to have a considerable amount of free oxygen to grow. Exclusion of free oxygen may become a way to control the growth of aerobic bacteria.

    2, to prevent the container when the container to prevent or minimize damage due to heat sterilization tank pressure increases caused by damage, especially crimping compression deformation, which can affect the sealing.

    3, control or mitigate the presence of air within the canned food storage tank corrosion occurring in the tank and food and if so, the tank wall is often severe corrosion phenomena occur under the influence of other food ingredients.

   4, to avoid or mitigate the food color, smell, taste changes in food and air contact, especially food surfaces prone to oxidation and lead to changes in color, smell and taste.

   5, to avoid the destruction of vitamins and other nutrients canned food production, the extent of the damage depends on the raw material, vitamins, heating temperature and time and the presence of oxygen.

   6, helps to identify genuine and fake canned good expansion tank vent due to internal pressure is lower than the external pressure, the bottom cover showed a concave shape.


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