EOE history of canned luncheon meat

Dongguan, the real promise of the lid is a professional production of beverage EOE, aluminum and iron EOE EOE manufacturer, the company's products attractive appearance fine; design structural precision, good sealing performance, nothing more than diarrhea, not into the air, to ensure product quality and lasting. Here come from Dongguan real promise you a brief history of the lid canned luncheon meat.

Luncheon meat, English spam luncheon meat or spam, luncheon meat. In 1937, Hormel Foods launched by the United States, originally called "Hormel SpicedHam". This canned food will soon be others to follow manufactured by the company after the invention. So Hormel $ 100 reward for it to take a good name, Hormel vice president's brother Kenneth Daigneau to spam win. SPAM is said to be "Shoulder of Pork and Ham" is an abbreviation, but also explained that the syllable "Spiced Ham" (spiced ham) acronym, or that the name means "Spiced Pork And Ham" (spiced pork ham) and "Spare Ham "(alternate ham). According to Hormel's trademark explanation, spam should be regarded as an adjective, luncheon meat should SPAM luncheon meat. But people often simply referred to as spam.

During World War II, a large number of luncheon meat from the ship to the United Kingdom and Russia to support the Allies. After the war, luncheon meat has been a popular food. 1994 production of 50 billion cans of luncheon meat history. According to 2003 statistics, luncheon meat in the world 41 countries have sold about 150 million cans per year. In the United States, every four seconds a box of luncheon meat have been eaten.

Luncheon meat consumption in the United States, Hawaii and Guam, the largest long-term presence and local military related. 16 cans of luncheon meat consumption per person per year on Guam. McDonald's restaurants in Hawaii and Guam is the sole provider of local spam. Many of the local food and expensive because of shipping, luncheon meat is relatively cheap.

Besides the US, the UK and luncheon meat consumption in South Korea is also very large. Since the Korean War, a large number of US military presence in Korea, so luncheon meat began to spread. Statistics show that annual sales of canned luncheon meat Korea are about $ 136 million, becoming the world's second largest after the US consumer of luncheon meat. It is reported that about 40% of South Koreans are canned luncheon meat as a gift to others. Every holiday, priced at $ 44 in 12 cans of luncheon meat exquisite gift box is one of the most popular commodity customer.


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