EOE stamping and crimping equipment

      Dongguan is a professional real promise EOE for you to create the safest EOE packaging businesses, production and research and development as a whole. The main products include three series: beverage EOE, aluminum and tinplate EOE EOE safe side. Applies to all kinds of cans, aluminum cans, composite cans and PET cans. The following simple packing by a solid promise to introduce you EOE long-automatic capping machine, CNC machines and automatic red cap dome How were edging machine effect.

      1, long class automatic punch punch punch mainly for aluminum strip aluminum lid assembly die sets, each stroke can be done a number of punched aluminum cover, mainly for high-speed aluminum cover (especially EOE ) production line, its production speed of up to 2000 / min

      2, CNC automatic punch presses such computer control, can also be a multi-mode single-mode production, mainly for direct punching tinplate entire board, eliminating the need for cut sheet processes. According to the system covered the entire board size and dimensions, by setting, auto-complete in the course of the entire board of the red cap, can effectively raise the main material utilization, reduce labor intensity.

      3, the dome edging machine punch out from the lid, which edge surface is perpendicular to the lid, and the container body flange so that adverse tie in seaming, therefore, must be rounded edges so that the lid edge to the center of the lid surface bent about 35, therefore, the rounded edges of the lid after apparently slightly less than the outer diameter of the circular edge ago. Therefore, import and export of machine rounded edges to the center line edging machine turntable center was involute form in offset, offset its outer diameter difference between the two front and rear lid.


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