EOE tea roses storage method

1, cans

     Cans of anti-breakage, moisture, sealing performance is excellent, is an ideal packaging tea roses. Metal cans are generally made with tinplate cans in the square and cylindrical shape, with its lid covered with a single layer and double cover two kinds. More use of inflatable sealed cans, vacuum packaging. Metal cans of tea is better than composite protective film, and looks beautiful, noble, its disadvantage is the high cost of packaging, packaging and product weight ratio, increased transportation costs.

2, carton packaging

      After the tray is white paper, paperboard and other printed after molding, carton prevent easy breakage, shading performance is also excellent. Carton packaging drawback is easy to damp, and now there has been paper-plastic boxes, cartons easy to overcome the problem of moisture, such as the use of the inner layers of plastic film or coated with a moisture-proof coatings for packaging material made of cardboard boxes not only has the function of the composite film bag, carton packaging has also has protective, rigidity and other properties.

3, plastic containers and packaging

      Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other plastic molded containers have generous, beautiful, Packaging Display good effect, but its sealing performance is poor, in the packaging of tea roses and more use as packaging, the use of composite plastic film inside its packaging bag package.

4, paper bags

      Also known as teabag, which is a village with a thin filter material bag, even when used together into tea bags. Paper bag with the main purpose is to improve the leaching rate, while also making tea in the tea powder can be fully utilized.

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