Easy - open ends canned vegetables sterilization precautions

 EOE Canned, except tomatoes, marinated class products are low-acid foods or receive love neutral, with heat-resistant Bacillus contamination of raw materials are more opportunities in the soil, must be high-temperature sterilization. Sterilizing the one hand, the tank can kill or inhibit microorganisms, the can in the appropriate storage environment without the risk of corruption of deterioration of long-term preservation; other hand, kills the pathogen, in order to avoid raw food poisoning. So we must note the following in the sterilization process.

A sterilization conditions must be based on pH varieties of vegetables raw, Laonen extent, contents, speed tank heat conduction, microbiological contamination, early canned sterilization temperature, sterilization equipment and other types of conditions.

2, without affecting the flavor and color of the premise, due to lower pH, so that the contents acidic, sterilization time can be shortened.

3, the freshness of the higher raw material, process sooner, light microbial contamination, the tank fast heat conduction products sterilization time can be shortened.

4, easy soup pot convective heat transfer products, such as beans, mushrooms, etc., should adopt the high-temperature short-time sterilization. Continuous shaking sterilization is relatively static batch sterilization effect fast and good quality.

5, strict implementation of rules sterilization processes.

There are three methods of sterilization: pressure sterilization (also known as pasteurization), pressure and high temperature instant sterilization sterilization.

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