Easy open end cans outside the paint

 Wall paint cans commonly used Indian iron way, bright color, bright and beautiful, easy to protect, set decoration, advertising, described in one. Metal cans outside the paint including primer paint, white paint, varnish oil, three kinds of paint.

1, primer paint. Primer coating metal cans used for printing with the ink from the metal surface and connected to the role of a layer between the ink and the coating metal, and its role is to make the coating film firmly adhered to the metal sheet, and can be combined, and the ink is good.

2, white paint. Metal cans of white paint is mainly used for printing the full version of the white background of the metal sheet printing. So the white color ink above more vivid.

3, varnish oil. Overprint varnish oil, also known as the coating of metal surfaces in the printing, can increase surface gloss, appearance, and protects the printed surface. At the same time, but also to increase a hardness of the surface coating film having a certain flexibility and chemical resistance. Many types of varnish oil, mainly epoxy - amine resin, epoxy esters and thermosetting acrylic resin.

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