Easy open lid canned food no added preservatives

 A few days ago, the Chinese association of canned for nearly 6000 consumers, according to a survey by about half of the consumers think canned food preservatives. Not fresh, and the more high degree of cultural consumers misunderstanding more deeply, has affected the development of tin industry. Director of Chinese canned association long beam paraconic says, canned food is to point to in cans, sealed by the thermal sterilization after achieve commercial asepsis extending food freshness of food, simply do not need to add preservatives. In addition, at present our country the canned food is mainly used for exports, Japan, North America, Europe and other developed countries is a major importer of canned, so their strict and demanding of the standards of safety is more serious. As a result, the production technology and management level, etc., can enterprises were very strict control. Canned not only to skin to nuclear, completely eliminates the residues of pesticides on the skin, making cans sealing, high temperature heat treatment and vacuum preservation technology, to achieve the sterilization effect of the most complete, therefore canned fruit don't need to add any preservatives, fully rely on the container seal and food of high pressure sterilization long-term preservation is not bad, high vacuum container for food flavor and nutrition maximum preservation. Giant xinyuan, heze in shandong province as a leading agricultural products processing enterprises, using international advanced technology of canned, under the condition of high temperature sterilization, vacuum packing. This makes canned food storage, vacuum sterile conditions and without any additives.

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