Easy open lid in tomato juice to produce canned tomato juice darker reason

 Canned tomato juice yield in the process of production often appears in tomato sauce dimming, brown, thereby reducing the quality of our products in tomato juice to produce canned tomato juice, the change of colour and lustre, generally with the colour and lustre of tomato sauce, fish species with freshness, processing method, and the process conditions of preparation process in tomato sauce most products storage conditions and so on. Preparation, for example, tomato juice, the important factors that affect in tomato sauce colour and lustre that lycopene, if high temperature heat for a long time, or contact with the copper oxide brown, or contact with iron into a tannic acid iron, this will make the tomato sauce, dark brown; Made in tomato juice with spices typically contains more tannic acid (tannin) composition, if spices boiling water or place a long time, its colour and lustre is into deep tan, it will also affect in tomato sauce color; When handling fish, if blood wash (especially near the spine blood) is not in the net and abdomen black membrane to remove impurities, also can make tomato juice colour and lustre is dim, brown.

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