Easy pull cover canned fruits and vegetables is no nutrition

 Easy pull cover heating temperature is generally not more than 120 degrees, of tinned fruits and vegetables in the minerals are not afraid of heat, the content of potassium, calcium, magnesium will not decline because of the sterilization process, the dietary fiber in fruit and vegetable will be preserved. Really can't stand the heat in fruit and vegetable is vitamin, especially vitamin C, B vitamins, folic acid, etc., some of the vitamins will be decomposed by heating, and part of the vitamin loss because of soluble in canned soup, when to eat was thrown away. So vitamin does lose part of the fruits and vegetables, but these nutrients are not entirely absent. Other de-fatting vitamins, such as beta carotene loss is very few, so is it for some people who cannot eat lots of fruits and vegetables, canned fruits and vegetables can also be a good supplement nutrition, as long as it's not too much sugar or pickled, than to eat or not eat well. Deposit and canned main or convenience, home a bit, occasionally make using of the emergency, as the disaster reserve or go out for a picnic food is also good choice.

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