Easy pull cover canned nutrition of soybean protein powder

 In numerous vegetable protein, nutritional value is highest legume protein, and soy foods do not contain the cholesterol, what is this animal food does not have characteristics. Without any processing of soybean protein has its flaws: methionine content is relatively small. As a result, the whole grain of soybean amino acid score is about 0.6 ~ 0.7. But, as a result of the soybean protein content is high, and no cholesterol, easy tear cover canned soybean protein powder is used widely.

1, easy tear cover canned soybean protein powder, the effective protection of the human body normal physiological needs

2, easy tear cover canned soybean protein powder, prevent the happening of the cardiovascular disease

3, easy tear cover canned animal protein, soy protein powder as diabetic kidney burden

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