Easy pull cover the origin of the "guizhou canned air"

 Two sessions in 2014, xi general secretary in guizhou delegation review once said, the future can make the air in guizhou a canned "air", this sentence is a lot of guizhou tourism industry professionals in the mind. At present, there have been a developers have developed "guizhou canned air" intention, provincial tourism bureau is related to its research, prepare for domestic and overseas public solicitation "guizhou canned air" creative design scheme, at the same time, formed by the outstanding creative design and brand planning project development team composed of professionals. For Japanese Fuji developed "canned air," Mr Kinnock had invited in guizhou investigation regarding the relevant matters, some international and domestic well-known experts are invited to provide technical support of ecological environment. This outcome is mainly in the form of conceptual tourism souvenirs, name is called "canned" guizhou air, air source from guizhou ecological best scenic spots, such as fanjing mountains, libo, leigong mountain, chishui, broad water, thyme cuckoo, etc.

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