Easy to open cover the role of honeysuckle

 Honeysuckle has a wide range of health care use, edible and can be used as a medicinal, is beneficial to human body health, below from dongguan firm's packaging co., LTD. To explain the effect of honeysuckle flower, honeysuckle sex cold gan, according to "compendium of materia medica" recorded in flos lonicerae has take intellectual man fit and prolong life "long" effect, can qingrejiedu and not hurt a stomach, enhance human immunity, anti-inflammatory, inhibiting intestinal absorption of cholesterol effect; At present, there are many medicines which use gold and silver as raw materials, such as "silver antivirus tablet" and "silver plate" etc. In addition, there are also honeysuckle dew tea drinks, which have the functional drink of decrease internal heat.

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