Features cans cap stripping machine

      Dongguan City is Connaught Packaging Ltd. mainly produces beverages EOE, aluminum easy-open lid, tinplate EOE and other products, the following real promise from Dongguan to briefly explain the packaging cans cap stripping machine features

Cans cap stripping machine is based on the manual cover cans stripping machine on the successful development of a high efficiency, the provincial labor, energy saving, versatile can cans cans and lids, tank bottom decomposition equipment.

Cans cap stripping machine is a new type of renewable resource processing equipment, to achieve the cans after the recovery process can maximize its use, greatly improving its economic efficiency, saving the country's energy, is a new era of green energy-saving machinery and equipment . Cans stripping machine is mainly cover various cans (such as small cans Wang Zi; coconut milk, coffee cans, Lulu cans; Wang Zi milk, Red Bull cans; and its positive, Wong Lo Kat cans, etc.) in two bonnet or directly with end cans whole separate out (aluminum lid and body are completely separate cans, aluminum all aluminum, iron all iron).

Dongguan real promise is a professional production of beverage EOE EOE, aluminum and iron EOE EOE manufacturer, the company's products, with beautiful fine; design structural precision, good sealing performance, nothing more than diarrhea, not into the air, to ensure product quality and lasting. Welcome to the new and old customers call to order. 0769-28686423 / 0769-22335080 / 13266285888


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