Heating on sterilization of canned food quality EOE

       When executing the force sterilization of food chemical and physical changes very quickly, so changes in food quality is also very significant. Most of these changes on food harmful, but there is some help to improve food quality, is mainly determined by the type and extent of the heated food. Generally the higher the temperature, the longer the time, the more significant this change.

       Such as canned meat vitamin B2 and vitamin PP content at 113 in 85min sterilization can save 23% ~ 85%; 120 sterilization 30min then save 43% to 45%; sterilization time   extended to 100min, are all destroyed . Orange syrup and berries canned sterilized only can save the original content of vitamin B2, and combine to make it from the original state into a free state, increasing its content. Canned fish after fish bone softening pressure sterilization, have easily digested and absorbed. After sterilization of canned fruits and vegetables taste their flavor will deteriorate. In general, when the heat sterilization of food quality changes are detrimental to food.

      When heat sterilization, food chemical reaction temperature coefficient Q10 = 2 ~ 3, ie, the temperature is increased by 10 , the chemical reaction rate increased by 2 to 3 times the rate of change in the quality of food will increase several times.

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