How is the easy open lid canned atmospheric boiling water sterilization

 In general, most fruits and some vegetables canned can use boiling water disinfection, sterilization temperature does not exceed 100 , generally USES the vertical opening sterilization pot, sterilization operation is simple, specific steps are as follows:

1. The needs in the sterilization pot into the water first, then pass into the steam heating. For inland waters reach a boiling pot, put packed cans bactericidal basket in the pot. Glass jars of sterilization, to avoid the rupture of glass jar can preheat canned advance to 50 after add the sterilization pot.

2. When the pot in the inland waters rose to a boil again, to be able to calculate the sterilization time, and keep boiling until the end of sterilization. Canned should be completely submerged in water, water in the top can also should be in the following 10 ~ 15 cm. The boiling point of water to inspect right, don't put a large amount of steam into the pot and the water turn phenomenon as the boiling point of water. The water temperature is the thermometer readings shall prevail.

3. After the sterilization, immediately remove sterilization basket and rapid cooling, generally using the pool cooling method.

Normal pressure continuous sterilization equipment adopts automatic control, in general, with water as the heating medium. Canned by conveyor belt into sterilization pot, sterilization time can be controlled by adjusting the speed of conveyor belt, after the sterilization, canned also area by the conveyor belt into cooling water for cooling.

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