How to buy easy to cover baby canned food

 The choose and buy baby canned food need to pay attention to three things, canned baby consisting of the greatest benefits is convenient and suitable for consisting of mom and dad every day job is busy no time to do or bring baby go out. In order to ensure safety, we should pay attention to the following things when choosing a baby's auxiliary food:

1. See if canned foods are "fat listening". When microbial contamination, canned fruit often appear "fat", namely tin tin center part of the base and cover, this is the bacteria breeding to produce gas tank, the tank pressure is greater than air pressure.

2. Choose canned food with no flavor, pigment or preservative. The main preservatives are sorbic acid and benzoic acid. The pigments include amaranth, lemon yellow, carmine, etc.

3. Choose the products of big brands, and make the products of mother and baby products better. Some of the big brands have been on the market longer and have been used for longer periods of time and are relatively safer.

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