How to choose the safety of easy open lid canned food

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If you want to buy a health and safety of canned food need to pay attention to "three watch" :

(1). To see if the ingredients contain preservatives. As a preservative food additive has a lot of kinds, such as sorbic acid, benzoic acid, etc., but according to the relevant provisions of the state, not contain preservatives in the canned food. And some of the illegal businesses use preservatives cover his health environmental management in the process of food processing is undeserved, restrain the breeding of microorganism in food, to extend the shelf life of food.

(2) whether colour and lustre is natural. Edible pigment is allowed to use in the part of the canned food, but the scope of usage, use must be controlled within the national standard. Now some illegal enterprises on the market, but excessive use of pigment, or make use of pigment, even using the national standard in the canned food are not allowed to be used in pigment, such as amaranth, tartrazine, carmine, etc.

(3) the content is complete and clear package labels. First to see if the outer packing neat and clean, the handwriting is clear, the printing label is complete normal. Normal manufacturer production of canned food label complete and clear and should be marked with name, producer name and address, ingredients, net content, solid content, implement standard code, quality grade, shelf-life. The second should be within the guarantee period of choose and buy products. Moreover deformation, it remains to be seen whether canned foods have termed fat listen to, leakage.

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