Measures to cover the inner wall of the cans to prevent corrosion

In order to prevent internal corrosion cover cans, which specific measures? The following beverages covered by professional production, iron and aluminum EOE businesses - Packaging Ltd., Dongguan City real promise to serve you a brief introduction about it. Hoping to be helpful to you.

1, selected as good corrosion resistance of metallic materials Cans

2. Improve canned food production process:

Wash material handling pesticides, reduce sulfide corrosion; try to exhaust air net food within the organization; with a way to reduce pre-cooked foods, especially vegetables nitrate content.

try to drain the tank exhaust air, reducing the residual oxygen.

In the case of high-temperature sterilization process aerobic corrosion quickly, so the degree of sterilization should be appropriate to quickly go cold.

water quality control in the production of water to control the content of nitrate and copper ions.

raw materials control in the nitrate content with product variety, climate, fertilizing and harvesting of other changes and different, difficult to control. Production of raw materials to timely determination of nitrate content, if the content is too high, should be pre-cooked, modified glass jars (such as tomatoes), carried high levels of nitrate removal capacity at local fruit (such as pineapple heart) and other methods.

Storage temperature storage temperature, the lower the better.

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