Open lid beer can prevent cataract effectively

 Cataract is the "killer" of the eye, belong to the height of blinding eye disease, so we need to be attention, if suffering from cataract to early treatment, and in medical treatment at the same time, more attention to diet nursing care. Elderly people drink beer in moderation, effectively preventing cataracts. In Canada, a new study reports that beer is good for heart health, the antioxidants in beer also helps reduce the risk of cataracts, and the more deep the color of the beer, the better, but the condition is only in a suitable amount of drinking beer, is roughly one drink per day, will be good for your health. The new utility of beer was discovered by Canadian researchers in the study of the causes of diabetic cataracts. At the time, researchers were experimenting with how to better allow the natural production of a variety of amino acids in the eye's crystalline cells, preventing the oxidation of eye crystals. Because once people develop cataracts, the amino acid content of their eye crystal cells decreases. Alcohol itself is an antioxidant that effectively blocks the oxidation of eye crystals. A study published in the mid-1980s showed that moderate drinking may reduce the risk of cataracts. "Beer is almost as good as red wine in terms of antioxidant capacity," says the expert. "if it's some stout, it's better for antioxidant power." In addition to alcohol, other components of beer and wine also have antioxidant properties, the study said. Another beer study, submitted recently, confirmed the findings.

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