Origins of tinplate easy open

Tinplate easy open since the first in 1973 for canning, although EOE nearly a decade later than aluminum , but aluminum easy open ends not with savory foods loaded with the use of tin cans , aluminum has to be more than tinplate higher strength, better corrosion resistance and ease of recycling, low cost, so the canned food packaging, has been developing rapidly .
Domestic tinplate easy open capacity, quality improved rapidly , has been replaced by imports and exports began , for the majority of canned food manufacturers widely used. As a new way of canned food packaging , tin cans with easy open end penetration rate increased every year. With the improvement of people's living standards , accelerated pace of life , the development of tourism and the increasing export needs EOE cans , tinplate easy open domestic market prospects are very bright. Also, due to the advantages in terms of price , quality and other aspects of domestic tinplate easy open for foreign customers continue to receive , has a large number of output abroad. Tinplate EOE will species diversity, material thinning ( reducing costs ) , lower opening force ( more open ) , to improve the security of open (multiple forms of security folding cover ) , etc. continue to develop.

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