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Principles of canned food

  Canned foods are now more and more people like it, then everyone on the knowledge of canned food know how much? The following real promise from Dongguan Suno- specializing in the production of various beverage cap, iron and aluminum easy-open ends of the business to serve you a brief introduction to the principles of canned food, hoping to help it

   Canned foods are one method of food preservation, which is mounted inside the food in a sealed container (such as tin cans, glass jars), part of the air tank by exclusion, sealed sterilization, the food in the tank, no external contamination by microorganisms caused by corrupt, to achieve the purpose of preserving food. 
The reason is due to food spoilage bacteria and food itself contains an action called "enzyme" activities caused. Overall, food spoilage due to microbial activity caused by high temperatures and prolonged heat can kill bacteria, such as no longer mixed with microbes from the outside, never again will cause corruption. Therefore, to the long-term preservation of food, you have to kill or inhibit its growth, reproduction has microbial contamination in food, and the food and isolated, so that the outside world can no longer microorganisms and food contact, in order to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation of food .

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