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Sealed the lid of food

       With sealed containers to preserve food is one of the greatest inventions in human history, and metal cans came despite nearly 200 years of history, it is still the most economical, most environmentally friendly and safe packaging. Cans after sterilization can not add any preservatives long-term preservation. Canned foods have been selected, extent canning fresh food as much fresh food farmers market, then sterilized canning nutrients, most of the vitamins, proteins and minerals have been preserved.

       200 years of scientific and technological advances, canned shapes, materials and appearance of the ever-changing, but the principle of today's seal canned food sterilization and theory proposed by Nicolas Appert in 1810 but no slightest change.

       Dongguan City is Connaught Packing Co., Ltd. mainly produce beverage EOE, aluminum easy-open lid, tinplate EOE other products, EOE products using health and safety, non-toxic and tasteless high-quality materials, using American MINSTER punch press high speed production lines, Japan AADA punch and supporting high-speed production line of the lid of advanced inspection equipment, product handsome in appearance fine; design structural precision, good sealing performance, nothing more than diarrhea, not into the air, to ensure product quality and lasting. Welcome to inquire Order 0769-28686423 / 13922959630


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