Shaped cans cap molding characteristics

 From shaped cans cover geometry characteristic point of view, its deformation and the deformation of the circular lid there is a qualitative difference, the biggest difference is uneven deformation lid on the periphery. However, due to the straight edge portion and a rounded part is linked to the whole, in the stretching process is bound to have each other's role and influence, resulting in the two parts are not simple bending. In fact, from the nature of the deformation angle of view, does not exist between the two portions clear boundaries.

When shaped cans cover stretching, straight edge section and deformation fillet portion is completely different. Before tensile deformation, the first on the rough surface of the rounded part divided into radial and concentric arc radiation consisting of a grid, and in the straight edge portions divided into equidistant from each vertical line grid of equality. If the straight edge portion of the cap shaped cans only bending deformation, deformation in the stretched shaped cans on the lid side surface of the grid lines should be identical before deformation. However, transverse compression and longitudinal elongation change actually shaped cans after tensile deformation cover sidewall mesh size occurs.

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