The United States has introduced easy - open beer mixed tea drinks

 As the world's top two big consumer population drinks, beer and the combination of tea can be overwhelming, in Taiwan, we've seen of the "bei" green tea, and in foreign countries, this trend will be how to develop? It is. Owl's Brew, which comes from New York and focuses on producing soft materials for tea flavor, is clearly the pioneer of the trend. They have launched a series of products that combine different teas with fruit and beer to create the unprecedented tipsy fruit tea in the market. Brand is one of The goods The Radler, it is a similar combination of lemonade and easy pull cover beer shanti (pilsner), but they choose is 40% of The herbal tea, lemon mix 60% of beer, build a more pure and fresh flavor. As each one close to the heart of the goods, the brand co-founder Maria Littlefield said: "when I get off work, often to the Owl 's Brew beer with our own production soft drinks are mixed together. I like this kind of cool and no burden of drink. Drink drink I began to think, why don't we put this great idea commercialization?" As a result, they set foot on the road, "our strength is brewed tea drinks, wine for us, therefore, is a new and amazing attempt. However, when we smell the hand brewed tea fragrance, when combined with a unique taste of beer, I can only say that this idea is so perfect."

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