The new process produces the can of lychee

 Canned litchi sugar water was produced by the new technology has the following advantages: 1, since the ninety s, newly introduced three cans of filling line, the film easy pull cover, attach a straw, plastic tableware has fully automated, make this kind of canned food such as "rice pudding" food is very convenient. 2. In the production of new technology, the three cans and the heat-resistant PET bottle products that have been brought fruit pulp are successfully filled with hot filling, which can eliminate the process of negative pressure sterilization. 3. The microwave heating process makes the shortening of heating process time a reality. 4. New technology application for color protection and oxidation resistance. Therefore, in order to produce canned sugar water litchi, we can put into production by solving the applicable microwave heating tunnel and corresponding production process. Due to the addition of equipment on three cans filling line, there is very little fixed asset investment. Therefore, in strengthening the research and promotion of lychee preservation technology, the new process is used to produce lychee of high quality canned sugar, which is also an important way to treat lychee postpartum.

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