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The origin of the tin can

 Most of us may be unfamiliar with the cannery, but the people who study the food, or the culture of food, should know a little about the tins. Canned river is not only a part of China's Taiwan culture, and the price is reasonable, is the secret weapon that broth increase fresh, even can use easy pull cover can easily turn into French baked river snails.

In the early days of China's Taiwan, tin snails came from Japan, and the days of the Japanese were in some high-end restaurants, and they became one of the star merchandise that was commissioned to do so. Was made by Rong screw, after Taiwan, China set up processing plants, began to produce canned escargots, canned appearance packaging and day are similar, but the difference between the price more than double, China Taiwan production of canned is much cheaper.

But less Rong screw production, raising economic efficiency is not high, add manpower to catch co., LTD., factory then switched to other winkle instead, usually in the black sea, South American imports of rock bolt is most common, river snail, canned apple snails can also be as easy pull cover raw material processing.

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